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Why Annuities are a A Smart Choice

Annuities are the perfect investment tool and alternative to the CDs offered by banks. Why?


Unlike CDs which offer a short window of time to withdraw funds or roll them over at maturity, our annuities allow you to withdraw up to 10% of the funds in any given year with no penalty. In addition, withdrawals can be made without a surrender charge after the fifth policy year when you reach age 60.


Unlike CDs, funds can be added at any time in the future without having to open a new contract, and there are no maturity dates to track.


With competitive interest rates and guaranteed minimums, annuities offer you peace of mind knowing your investment is secure and growing. Guaranteed.

Tax Advantages

With CDs, taxes are due annually on the interest whether or not a withdrawal is made. Taxes on deferred annuities are only due as funds are withdrawn and can be delayed until retirement when taxable income is most likely lower.

Avoid Probate

Probate delays, cost, and public disclosure are all avoided using annuities. CDs not held in Trust don’t offer an important benefit like this. Annuities are better because they avoid probate, with or without other estate planning.

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